Our volunteer collectors make what we do possible. As environmentalists, they think nothing of hauling crates of food to help nourish people in the community. We have been specialists in this since 2016 and are accredited Fareshare Community Redistributors. 

Fareshare audit our work and regard us as ‘tier one’ partners and we recently appeared on a panel for the charity nationally.

They recognise also that our dedicated team of volunteer collectors go out at all hours, seven days a week. As committed environmentalists who can’t bear to see good food go to waste.¬†They also collect more than just food and drink, but supermarkets give us plants for our eco gardens and other items too.

Depending on the food we collect (whether it is chilled or past its best before date) determines which of our projects it is used by, and what can be shared by other organisations.

During the pandemic, our car park would be a meeting point for up to 15 organisations to collect bulk amounts of everything from cheese to fruit and vegetables. We were also asked by Fareshare to distribute large quantities of government supplied food aid to our partners so that it would reach those shielding.

Our volunteer collectors and goods handlers are trained to transport and store food safely and we set ourselves high standards in running our hubs. If you can join them please email impac@foodkind.co.uk