We ‘rescue’ surplus good food and find creative ways to share it.

Wasted food is a huge challenge for the planet, so we work to promote a sustainable system and raise awareness of the need to prevent, save and use the surplus effectively.

We are accessible to everyone: creating an inclusive environment for our volunteers and welcoming everyone to our projects.

Our work makes a contribution to reducing food poverty.

How we work

We want to be part of a movement committed to raising awareness and educating people about the waste in the food system. Nearly two million tonnes of produce from the U.K food industry is thrown away each year – and even more goes from our homes into landfill, even though much of it is perfectly edible.

We hold events, campaigns and contact with the public and suppliers to educate people about the issue. Our shops, stalls and cafes take the food donated from our partner supermarkets and share it with people in the areas of social deprivation in which we work.

Our team of volunteer collectors receive food from supermarkets and suppliers across the region to make thousands of meals – in our cafes and through what is shared for home use.

Our food can be accessed by anyone. But we know some of our customers cope with food poverty. In fact, around four million children in our country do not have enough to eat. So some of projects help those we can provide both staples and treats too.

We are an environmental organisation trying to address, educate and campaign for changes in the food industry, to value every bit of food produced – and to present ideas to help people minimise waste themselves.